Your new Granite worktops will have been sealed on completion by the fitters, using a natural stone sealant by Lithofin.

We recommend sealing your granite with a natural stone sealant once a year to protect against staining.

Granite Sealer and Care Kits can be purchased from us.

For everyday use, we recommend just warm soapy water for cleaning your worktops, and microfibre cloths to dry off with afterwards.

Our Care Kits By Lithofin work alongside the sealer applied by the fitters

The kits include: 1x power clean to remove dirt and greasy and oily residues. 1x Easy clean which enhances and helps protect your worktops.

Granite is a natural product, therefore it is porous, hence why we seal your worktops on completion to help prevent staining.

Stubborn stains can come from oily foods or substances, and drinks such as fruit juice or cordials, wines, vinegar, lemon juices- any acidic substances.

Stains are more likely to occur in the lighter coloured granites, but staining generally will only ever occur if these substances are left on the worktops for a long length of time to soak in. So as long as any spillages are wiped up straight away you should have no problems.

In the event you do get a stain our fitters at C&J can come to you with chemicals that work with the sealer to draw the stain out.

We recommend that you should take care with hot pans out of the oven and break the heat using metal pan rests that stand on your worktop and can be put away when not in use.

Intensive heat can mark your granite by changing the properties of the stone. This can be noticeable to see and touch.

Your new granite worktops will not scratch or chip unless they are neglected, however, we suggest you use a chopping board to protect your worktop – which we supply FOC. Again in the very unlikely event of damage, our fitters at C&J can come out and repair it for you.

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