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Spring Kitchen Ideas

Spring is traditionally the time when we think about refreshing our homes, giving them a ‘Spring Clean’, and the kitchen is the perfect place to start.

From adding a few little touches of spring decor, such as bunny planters and spring flowers, to a complete overhaul and everything in between, the possibilities for a new kitchen look are endless.

Keep it bright

A spring kitchen needs to be bright and welcoming, like you’re embracing nature and welcoming the warmer, longer days. White or light pastel cupboard combined with a fresh, white quartz worktop creates a beautiful light room that is the perfect backdrop for spring decor. We even have quartz that has sparkles in it to reflect even more light!

See our full range of worktops here, we can supply samples to ensure you get the perfect one.

Keep windows uncluttered to let as much light in as possible, opting for blinds rather than curtains for a streamlined look.

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Spring accents

Bring the outside in with some spring blooms. You can opt for daffodils, tulips and crocuses, either cut flowers or in planters, or for a budget option you could cut some stems of blossom if you’re lucky enough to have some available.

Green and yellow are the colours of spring, so pick these out in your accessories. A few bright tea towels can really help to brighten a room.

If you have the budget you could even paint your walls or units a nice fresh green. Check Pinterest for inspiration.


Keep it simple

Your spring clean should start with a declutter to get rid of anything you don’t use, that’s out of date, or hide things that don’t need to be on show. Once you’ve done this give everything a thorough wipe down with antibacterial spray and let it dry. Only have things on display that serve a purpose, or look pretty. We’re looking to create a relaxing, easy-to-clean kitchen so the less clutter the better.

Finishing touches

These are the little things that really finish off a room and make it feel like a home. Natural elements always look good, whatever your style, so opt for wood, stone and wicker for a truly natural feel. Items that have a spring or easter theme can be brought out year after year, or adapted for different seasons. Be creative and you’ll have a unique look that embraces the season perfectly.

spring kitchen ideas

Hopefully, we’ve given you plenty of ideas for creating your own spring kitchen. If you’d like to discuss how our quartz worktops can help you on your journey to your dream, spring kitchen, get in touch

Contact us on 01405 806300 or sales@marble-granite-quartz.com to see how we can help your kitchen dreams come true!

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