We are very aware of our impact on the environment, and try to operate our business as sustainably as possible.
  • Our cutting machines use water to cool the blades, we recycle this water as much as possible
  • The template boards we use are unfortunately not reusable so we send them to a local company in Howden that recycle them
  • We keep paper waste to a minimum, only printing documents when absolutely necessary. All of our paperwork is kept digitally, and we ask customers to complete forms online.
  • We try to make use of as much of our material as possible, turning offcuts into chopping boards and selling larger pieces to individuals
  • Any waste we do have is taken away by a local builder who uses it for rubble
  • All our machinery is kept well maintained and serviced to extend their life and keep them running efficiently
  • Several of our suppliers have created new products that are made using recycled glass and other materials
  • We source products from a supplier that uses renewable energy and recycled water
  • Our office supplies are recycled where possible, and we buy in bulk to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We use low-energy lightbulbs and ensure that all equipment is turned off at night and on weekends
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