Silestone offer a special cleaner for their worktops, Q-Action cleaner. It is specially designed for the deep cleaning of worktops and has properties that make it a unique product in the market. It helps to keep your worktops looking beautiful and highlights the shine. It cleans all stains including wine, oil and lemon juice. It is available from us or from the supplier direct – Silestone


Silestone is a hybrid surface made from premium natural minerals and a minimum of 20% recycled materials. Manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ technology, which uses only renewable energy and recycled water in the production process, they maintain all the properties of Silestone and are moving towards a more sustainable world.

Silestone worktops are the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops. They are highly durable, ideal for high-traffic areas, and available in a wide range of colours so there is something for every home. They also offer different finishes – polished and suede, for even more choice!

The exceptional performance of Silestone surfaces, together with their hybrid composition consisting of premium minerals and recycled materials, make them highly resistant to any stain. Stains are prevented from penetrating the surface, making daily maintenance more straightforward and quicker.

Silestone offers a 25-year warranty, for added peace of mind.

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