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Business ‘not quite’ as normal!

The last 6 months have certainly been an emotional rollercoaster, and here at C&J was no exception. After the country was put in lockdown in March the factory was closed for about 3 weeks on the production side.  Craig and Jim came in occasionally on alternate days to finish off projects. They completed the staff bathroom, re-arranged the factory shop floor and built a wooden partition to lessen the noise and dust, and to prevent the public from walking into the factory.

When we were told by the Government that we had to shut, it seemed people were already aware of what was about to happen. It became deathly quiet, but we still had customers without kitchen worktops that we had booked in.  We finished off a few for desperate customers needing their kitchens, keeping to very strict rules and guidelines. Then after about a month, the enquiries were flying in!  Craig and Jim, still working alternate days, were manufacturing again. They were only fitting a couple of kitchens a week when people were allowed to go to work if they could work safely.  The enquiries soon turned into jobs and we are now fully booked till October.

Working From Home

Like so much of the population we brought the office home, to keep an eye on contact forms and emails, providing quotes, and letting customer’s know how and when we would be working.  Craig had made dominoes from granite for his children, and has been doing projects at home.  Jim was making an outdoor seat from a whisky barrel, while also spending time with his family when he wasn’t at the factory.


John returned to work on the 1st of June.  Sharon returned on 1st July and Martin on 6th July after being furloughed since 24th March. On returning to work, we have made the necessary changes. We wear masks when customers are in the office/showroom and we clean down more now, sanitising everywhere.  There are hand gels dotted around the office for use by staff and visitors. We have placed tape on the floor regarding the 2metre distance rule and other signs in and around the building reminding people to stay safe.  We have Track and Trace information sheets for anyone coming into the office/showroom to complete, which we keep for 2 weeks.


The furlough scheme really helped us as a company, being able to keep Martin and Sharon in a job.  Thankfully we have not had to use the bounceback loan scheme.

Getting Back To Work

All our customers have been extremely understanding and adhered to our safety precautions when visiting their homes. We asked that they vacate the room where we would be working, and we worked individually instead of in pairs, apart from when we had to carry worktops. Those things are heavy! We maintained our usual standards of work, tidying up after ourselves and leaving the place as we found it.

We are very grateful to our loyal customers who have waited patiently for their worktops to be installed.

Compac Unique Calacatta quartz shaped worktops with breakfast bar

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